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About Us

ORIENT GROUP is a shareholding Egyptian company, founded in 2004 partnering three young and ambitious businessmen sharing a common vision of the complex and adaptive market System that even if it looks like behaving the same every time it will never be the same and will never have the same results in different market environment

Based in Alexandria, Egypt's prime port on the Mediterranean, at the closest proximity of the heart of the Trade's logistics, ORIENT GROUP stands today as one of this region leading Trading Houses accessing global markets and owning several warehouses and sorting stations in Egypt.

Throughout dynamic business environment and dedication, the company rapidly identified its mission to grow as a key player in importing & exporting Commodities of a wide range of Agri-Food Products, Finished Goods and Raw Materials. Over the years, the company expanded in more than 25 countries worldwide and established contact offices and affiliates in the United States of America, Europe, Middle east and North Africa, South East of Asia as well as in South Africa.

Since its early startup, ORIENT GROUP has set its own professional code of ethics based on providing superior quality control, outstanding customer services and full commitment to both its buyers and suppliers which entailed its high credibility in supplying the international markets with agricultural products carefully selected, sorted and packed according to international food codes and prime quality standards.

Moreover, the company applied competent long-term plans following Modern Management Techniques entailing a steady and fast growth in sales volume and services successfully geared by a well monitored process starting as of the client's placement of purchase orders up to a full client's satisfaction levels prior and after sales.

To meet with such ambitious commitments and international competencies, ORIENT GROUP ultimately purchases carefully selected superior products from accredited end use growers professionally branded, packed and labeled in top of the line packaging materials. Furthermore, ORIENT GROUP exceeds its client's expectations by assisting them creating and customizing their own exclusive brands and Designs while using the entire wide and various choices of the company selective and high quality products.

ORIENT GROUP has well capitalized on its experience and expertise in both local and international markets to proudly set its objective to take the lead in delivering High Quality Products at the most Competitive Prices within a Timely and Accurate delivery system. The company path to realize its objective is following transparent performance outlines listing: